Basic Performance of LED Luminaires

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With the rush to enter the market, as consumers, choosing LEDs still requires calm and scientific analysis. Choose cost-effective light sources and fixtures, and the following are the basic performance of several LEDs:
1. The brightness of LED varies, and the price varies. The LED used for LED lighting fixtures should comply with the Class I standard for laser rating.
2. LED with strong anti-static ability has a long lifespan and is therefore expensive. Usually, LEDs with an anti-static voltage greater than 700V can be used for LED lighting.
3. LEDs with consistent wavelengths and wavelengths have consistent colors. If color consistency is required, the price is high. Manufacturers without LED color separators find it difficult to produce products with pure colors.
4. Leakage current LED is a unidirectional conductive luminous body. If there is reverse current, it is called leakage. LED with high leakage current has short lifespan and low price.
5. LEDs with different lighting angles and purposes have different lighting angles. Special luminous angle, high price. If it has a full diffuse angle, the price is higher.
6. The key to different qualities of lifespan is lifespan, which is determined by light decay. Low light attenuation, long lifespan, long lifespan, and high price.
7. The luminescent body of chip LED is a chip, and different chips have significant price differences. Chips from Japan and the United States are more expensive, while chips from Taiwan and China are generally priced lower than those from Japan and the United States.
8. The size of a chip is represented by its side length, and the quality of a large chip LED is better than that of a small chip. The price is proportional to the size of the wafer.
9. The gel of ordinary LED is generally epoxy resin, and LED with anti ultraviolet and fireproof agents is more expensive. High quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti ultraviolet and fireproof. Each product has a different design that is suitable for different purposes. The reliability design of LED lighting includes factors such as electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, and safe usage time. From the perspective of electrical safety, it should comply with relevant international and national standards.
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