Factors to consider when purchasing downlights

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1. Check if there is a 3C mark
Downlights have been included in the national mandatory product certification catalog and must pass 3C certification and be labeled with the 3C logo before they can be sold before leaving the factory. Only products with the 3C logo can indicate that they meet electrical, mechanical, and other safety requirements, that is, meet the requirements of national standards GB7000.201 or GB7000.202, and can be safely used. The method of affixing the 3C logo is generally printing or molding.
2. Look at the nameplate markings and appearance packaging
National laws and standards mandatorily require LED downlights to indicate the following: rated power, applicable environmental temperature, installation surface material, and source marking. Usually, high-quality products have good trademark printing quality, clear and distinguishable markings, and have the manufacturer's address, contact information, after-sales information, and relevant certification marks.
3. Look at the applicable environmental conditions
Based on the information indicated on the LED downlight, the applicable environmental conditions can be distinguished.
(1) Applicable installation surface materials for down lights
Some surface mounted or embedded downlights are only suitable for installation on surfaces of non combustible materials, that is, only on surfaces made of metal, mortar, or concrete, and not on surfaces made of wood.
For downlights to be embedded in the ceiling for installation, it is also important to see if there is a symbol stating "should not be covered by insulation materials" and a warning message stating "under no circumstances should the luminaire be covered by insulation pads or similar materials". Special attention should be paid to situations where there is insulation on the ceiling. For example, some wooden houses use insulation layers or insulation layers between wooden boards for insulation, and some shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. also use insulation materials for noise reduction. If tube lamps are installed in these places, they cannot be selected with the symbol "not suitable to be covered by insulation materials".
(2) Applicable ambient temperature
Products that have passed 3C certification will provide the applicable ambient temperature on the label, usually represented by ta. If there is no such mark on the label, it defaults to an ambient temperature of 25 ℃.
4. Check the color temperature
At present, the product mainly has two color tones, one is warm color, which is yellowish light; One type is a cool color, which is polarized white light. Warm colors give a warm feeling, suitable for hotels, hotels, and bedrooms; Cool colors give a refreshing feeling and are often used for lighting in offices and living rooms.
5. Check if the light emitted is uniform and soft
Using a transparent glass cover or LED downlight without a glass cover, the light will directly pass through, and if looked up, it will be more dazzling; The transparent cover made of frosted material will provide more uniform and soft light, making it more comfortable, but it will reduce the overall luminous efficiency of the lamp.
6. Check performance indicators
It mainly focuses on three indicators: light efficiency, Color index and life span. Enterprises usually provide the above parameter values on their products or instructions. Currently, the light efficiency level of the lamp is 70lm/W. Some enterprises do not directly indicate this value, but instead indicate power and luminous flux. The values obtained by using luminous flux/power are roughly the light efficiency level of the product; The Color index shall be above 80; The service life is required to exceed 30000 hours.
7. Material of the panel
Generally, iron sheet, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, and stainless steel are used

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